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Renovation of Mehlwane High School

Mehlwana Secondary School – revamp of four classrooms

  • The objectives included the increase in the number of classes for children in impoverished local communities struggling to study in makeshift classrooms, rundown buildings, or in the open air resulting in poor lesson quality, mediocre grades, and high dropout rates.
  • Provide a safe learning environment that can benefit hundreds or even thousands of children for years to come and ultimately build a stronger community.
  • Enhancing the school with safe, child-friendly classroom so all children have the opportunity to pursue a quality education and to reach their full potential.
  • To reduce an overcrowding possibility in classes during learning sessions where a serious issue was identified of one classroom holding more than the expected number of learners in one classroom.
  • To revamp buildings in severe disrepair with a dirt floor or without safe/proper electrical and roof.
  • Vitrovian assisted through the :
  • • Renovation of the class rooms without a roof.
  • • Renovated the front learning board of the class rooms .
  • • Re-wiring of the damaged electrical cables and wall plugs.
  • • Painting inside and outside the classrooms.
  • • Refurbish of all the broken windows and damaged window panes.
  • • Donation of cleaning materials and equipment.