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World-renowned online coaching and mentoring specialist service at your finger tips

Overcoming Today is a world-renowned online coaching and mentoring specialist service with more than 24 years of global experience that offers individuals and families enlightening direction, support and encouragement on personal growth.

Overcoming Today will EMPOWER you to break through barriers, reclaiming your power, and redirecting your future

Our purpose is to encourage and empower people and their loved ones to OVERCOME all their struggles and hardships, and achieve SUCCESS in all facets of their lives, with emphasis on growth and resilience.


Demand For Online Life Coaching Is Rising Globally

The demand for online life coaching is rising globally, with the US and Europe leading the charge. Here’s a quick overview:

  • US and Europe: Increased internet use, convenience, affordability, and wider coach selection drive the high demand in these regions.
  • Rest of the world: The market is growing due to similar factors, but at a slower pace. Cultural norms, internet access, and economic disparities play a role.
Overall, the online life coaching market is thriving and expected to continue expanding worldwide.

Your greatest investment to date is YOU

It is incredibly disheartening that while most of us invest in real estate, cars, other possessions, retirement, investments, etc., very few of us INVEST in OURSELVES.

We are and always will be the largest and most worthwhile investment we have made.

Real Success

One of the biggest myths is that success is determined by our financial situation, our possessions, or our level of economic success.

The only way to truly define success is to have succeeded in EVERY ASPECT of life, which includes our careers, marriages, relationships, finances, mental and physical health, emotional stability, intellectual stimulation, and leading a well-balanced life that makes others envious.

It’s not an impractical dream to have; plenty of people are realizing their aspirations all across the world.
I can assist you in establishing and sustaining this aim and desire since it is both REALISTIC and ACHIEVABLE.

The Current Reality

Are you finding it difficult to manage the innumerable demands of everyday life on your interactions with people around you, your finances, your physical health, your spiritual well-being, your mental and emotional wellbeing, and your personal relationships?

The Proposed Solution

If you lack the abilities or appropriate assistance to effectively face and overcome all these daily problems, it may be extremely daunting, stressful, and time-consuming. It influences all facets and areas of your life and negatively impacts the lives of your loved ones.

The Proposed Solution

I used to struggle and be extremely unhappy for the most part of my life, but after having a major moral awakening, researching, studying, taking an almost 4-year sabbatical, receiving training, knowledge, and experience, and spending the last 24 years coaching, mentoring, and counselling thousands of people worldwide, I am confident that I can help you overcome everything preventing you from realizing your full potential and leading a balanced, happy, peaceful, and fulfilled life.

You have been directed to the correct Coach; I assure you.

My purpose and passion are to help people OVERCOME all their daily struggles, setbacks, and roadblocks. I do this by offering them coaching, mentoring, and guidance so they can be safe, joyful, and emotionally, physically, mentally, relationally, financially, and spiritually wealthy. They can also have sufficient and stable finances, strong relationships, accomplished goals, realized dreams, and a sense of hope and excitement for what lies ahead.

Let me assist you in assisting yourself. Your greatest gift is yourself. It’s a treasure worthy of investment!

You deserve to live a life free from restrictions and everything that prevents you from realizing your full potential and fulfilling your innate abilities.

About Me

I am the CEO and founder of Transformation SA, S-M-A-R-T Youth, Pure Hearts Ministry, and Overcoming Today.

I have worked as a project manager, business development specialist and served as an educator, trainer, mentor, life coach, counsellor, trauma debriefer, and motivational speaker.

Coach_PierreI have over 38 years of work experience in a variety of economic sectors, as well as 24 years of coaching experience working in the global community. With this background, I feel well-equipped to make a meaningful and long-lasting difference in the lives of individuals, families, groups, and other stakeholders.

In 2005, I completed and earned my international BTh degree with honors. Along with completing numerous counselling and trauma courses in collaboration with numerous respectable organizations, I also finished five life-coaching programs.

In collaboration with several stakeholders, including the police, correctional services, child protection, churches, the courts, the mayor’s office, child welfare, schools, churches, businesses, and non-governmental organizations, I initiated and oversaw several school outreach programs, mentorship programs, a drug-child program, youth in conflict programs, and group and individual counselling across numerous schools. In addition, I have founded and oversaw numerous adult groups and assisted communities and families in need.

For over twenty-four years, I have used a variety of outreach programs, social media platforms, and websites to coach and mentor thousands of people worldwide.

I genuinely cherish and appreciate every individual placed in my care, and I’m dedicated to making sure they all achieve success and well-being in life.

I pledge to provide all my clients with exceptional service, honesty, openness, and discretion, as well as to do it with compassion and passion. I take my passion and calling extremely seriously – it’s not a job.


  • Founder of 4 international initiatives
  • 24 Years of global experience
  • BTh International Degree
  • 5 Life – Coaching Courses
  • Author of extensive Life-Skills book
  • Worked with people on all levels of society
  • Coached and mentored thousands of people
  • Transformed thousands of lives nationally and  internationally
  • Unblemished track record
  • I have no right to judge anyone
  • I value integrity and transparency
  • I am committed to service excellence
  • I am passionate about transforming lives


My Coaching / Mentoring model is based on a holistic approach – addressing all 9 aspects of your life, ensuring you are thoroughly equipped and prepared for any challenge confronting you and your loved ones.

There are NO SHORT-CUTS!

This is a journey, not a race!

I believe this transformative journey must be completed in full to ensure lasting success.













Terms and Conditions Apply



Overcoming Life’s Challenges with Life-Coaching

Life-Coaching is important because it can help you overcome challenges and obstacles; develop crucial and necessary life skills; creates self-awareness and clarity; assist with goal setting and accomplishments; help with self-improvement in all areas of your life; guide you to take ownership of your life and change your outlook or mindset to accomplish greatness.











$140 – $240






$135 – $200






$140 – $240


Life_Coach_Pierre_AD HOC_Packages




$80 – $150


HOW do my FEES COMPARE to the average online life-coaching fees in the USA?

According to Al (Artificial Intelligence) research, based on real-time information, the average cost per online life coaching session in the USA is $75 to $200 per hour, with an average of $120 per hour. As you can see, my fees are more affordable, but in NO WAY inferior!



Time efficient – saves a lot of stressful travelling time

COST efficient – no money wasted on fuel or expensive transport and maintenance costs

It’s SAFE and CONVENIENT – clients can have their sessions wherever they feel comfortable

It can be done from ANYWHERE in the world

More time to yourself for leisure or doing things you love


and start your

journey to


your challenges.

Maria (USA) Wrote:

“Few people touch where you dare to go. Few people lead where you’ve been. Few people are humble and I earnestly wish that they can encounter you in person, seeing what life, love, true servant-hood, wisdom, and humbleness is all about. Your integrity speaks for itself. Upright you are in all your ways. Thank you for using your talents to reach and touch where none other dare to go. You are one remarkable man. You have what it takes. You are confident, excitement, zeal, inner motivation, positive thinking, and accomplishment of goals. In all, you have SUCCESS. You are such a beautiful person. Don’t allow anyone to run you down. You are confident, a dreamer, a master motivator, an extraordinary goal-achiever, filled with the power of your First Love, El Yah; a personality that draws great crowds, loaded with love, yet bold and brave. You possess tireless enthusiasm and your excellence is beyond the call of duty. You are Abba Father’s anointed one whom He has taken by the right hand. Father will subdue nations before you and open great doors for you. No gates will be barred for Yahuah (YHWH, our Father) Himself will go before you and level the swelling hills. He will break down bronze gates and cut through iron bars. He will give you treasures from dark vaults, and hoards from secret places, so that you may know that I am your Mighty El Yah whom hath called you by your name.”

Michele Wrote:

“My name is Michele. I came across your website “Renewed minds and Pure hearts” a while ago but never sat down to look at it as I was being tossed to and fro going from one assembly to another. I sat down this beautiful Shabbat morning broken because I feel so lost. I was so confused. Assemblies causing hurt and division instead of unity. I was just about ready to throw the towel in, if you will. Praise ABBA YAHUAH for He is Yahmazing!! I was reminded of your website and I began reading. There is a lot of information. It will take me a time to go through it all but I thank YAHUAH for you doing this assignment for Him. For your obedience because He touched me this morning. He reached down and saw me at my worst and didn’t turn His back on me. Praise YAHUAH”

Tilla Wrote:

Tilla wrote: “Bless you Pierre for listening so good…2nd one of your prayers that hit the mark. Helps a loT!!!”

Melanie (SA) Wrote:

“Oh Brother, you are simply an amazing child of God. I love your passion and admire your dedication and strength! I receive your love and prayers and speak life to you in abundance….You my sweet Brother have a servant’s heart. When I read Phillipians 2:1-5 it is your name that comes to mind, one who is continually making Joy complete! Thank you Pierre, Gods hand of favor and blessing upon you.”

Jennifer Wrote:

“Absolutely loved what u wrote! Thank you! been feeling down & out & a bit defeated but not anymore. God bless brother :)”

Darda Wrote:

“Incredible and the best “website” to date for the glory of HIM as a TOOL to lead others…GREAT JOB!…may ABBA allow it to go to the ends of the earth here on FB….my heart is thrilled with what ABBA is doing in you and me and many other..WOOING/ALLURING us to HIS wilderness so HE can teach us …..awe…ahh….”

Mariette Wrote:

“Thank you Pierre, this truly is the best birthday message I ever had. I know that you heard from Holy Spirit and I thank Him for blessing me with such a dear wonderful brother in Christ. Peace and joy is my desire for you in all your ways. X

Ross Wrote:

“WoW my brother Pierre…!!! That’s so special coming through u from Christ our Father…!…Amen my brother Amen…; )”

Joanne Wrote:

“Wow,thank you ever so much Pierre Rock Eksteen,for your birthday wishes and blessings as they were felt very deep in my heart..Every word you said to the father in my behalf were words that I want so much for the father to hear and answer as I only want to live for Him~I love you my brother in Christ..”

Esme (SA) Wrote:

“Thank you Pierre you are such a blessing with your post, always such an attack before we move unto the next level. Shalom brother.”

Lynn (UK) Wrote:

“Thanks Pierre I needed that. I appreciate your friendship even though we have never met. Your words of wisdom are a blessing. Shalom”

Donna (USA) Wrote:

“Dear Brother Pierre, Thank you so much for this beautiful and anointed prayer! I say AMEN!! Blessings and Abba Father’s love to you.. :)”


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You can reserve a different time window as follows if, for any reason, you are unable to reserve a time slot during one of the normal times mentioned above:

Mondays to Thursdays: 05h00 – 07h00

Last available time window for booking purpose: 06h00


If, for whatever reason, you are unable to schedule a session during regular business hours, clients residing in the United States or other remote time zones may WhatsApp me for alternative scheduling times. I’ll help you find a time that works for us both!

Please provide 2 alternative dates and times for your session in the Booking Form. I will confirm which date and date also fits me. Alternatively I will send you a WhatsApp to discuss a date and time convenient to both of us. I will definitely accommodate you.


to start your

journey to


all your


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I’m excited to embark on this amazing adventure of life transformation with you.

You can count on me to provide you with open, truthful, and compassionate coaching, because I value you.

Dedicated to providing exceptional service, honesty, and privacy.



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