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Project Management – Training and Development

0D7A7235At VITROVIAN we understand the need to deliver projects within the agreed timelines and costs thereby enabling our customers/clients to achieve a faster and improved ROI.  Our implementation service delivery incorporates a methodology to support effective business analysis, process designs, user acceptance and successful implementation of the solution.  We pride ourselves in ensuring project goals are managed with agreed timelines and costs.

Vitrovian facilitates the following Project Management Services

VITROVIAN is aiming to provide Skills Development and Training interventions within the SETAs which will provide the following:

  • Training that will be nationally and internationally recognised and quality assured;
  • Mentors, coaches and subject matter experts that will be available.

The company intends to provide structured and profiled training interventions to contracted clients by providing Skills Programmes/ Learnerships within the Services Sector industry. These interventions are based on improved skills and work performance relevant to business needs. It is strategically necessary for companies to invest in the education, training and skills development of its employees. Training and skills development is core to the upliftment and growth of the individual as well as the organization as a whole.