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CSI encompasses projects that are external to the normal business activities of a company and not directly for purposes of increasing company profit. These projects have a strong developmental approach and utilise company resources to benefit and uplift communities and are not primarily driven as marketing initiatives.

Our focus Area- Key CSI Investment


• Social Entrepreneurship Development
• Adult Basic Education and Training (ABET)
• Agriculture and food security
• Arts and Culture
• Early Childhood Development (ECD)
• Education
• Energy
• Environment
• Health
• Information Communications Technology (ICT) and Telecommunications
• Infrastructure
• Job Creation
• Orphaned and Vulnerable Children (OVC)
• Sports development
• Skills Development

Walk For Freedom, Abolish Slavery With Each Step

eMalahleni community were invited by Vitrovian and Ms Africa Finalist to participate in a 7km walk. The walk started from the eMalahlneni Civic Centre gardens and proceeded through all the hotspots that were identified namely Plumer Street, French Street, Allenbay Street and Jellico Street just to mention the few. The objective of the walk was to raise awareness about our modern day slavery, referred to as human trafficking and sexual exploitation. People came out in numbers showing support to the walk. The Walk for Freedom was organised by A21 Campaign, hosted by Nomvula Mabuza Ms Africa finalist and supported by Vitrovian, eMalahleni Municipality, and Greater Emalahleni Youth Forum just to mention the few stakeholders. The organisation aims to put the spotlight on the criminal industry that currently sees 27 million men, woman and children falling victim to human trafficking worldwide. Human trafficking is a problem world and South Africa is considered a prime destination for international crime syndicates.

Children, as well as adults are smuggled into the country for sex purposes, among other forms of exploitation. Children are normally recruited from poor rural areas and brought to urban cities or big cities. The average age of trafficking of young children is 12 years old. People that joined the march were all given a black t-shirts, a white hat and a yellow bandana which people could wear across their mouths. Before everyone left to join in the walk Nomvula Mabuza read and headed over the memorandum to SAPS representative Sgnt Opperman and the eMalahleni local municipality MMC Mr Jerry Jiyane.


This year saw our philanthropic reaching far and wide in terms deliverables as dictated to by our of CSI adopted strategy. Education is one of the pillars of our existence as a nation and as a result a fair portion of our CSI was directed to that part of our sector of engagement.
1. Hlanguphala Primary School in Phola, Ogies, and educators received 20 modern times HP Laptops from our office. This was in partnership with the Office of the Premier in Mpumalanga and Emalahleni Local Municipality. With this generous offering we hope that challenges such as research which often needs internet, setting of question papers and other administrative components of teaching and learning will be greatly enhanced
2. J. Kananda was another education sector beneficiary this financial year. They benefitted a full set of Football and netball kits. We appreciate the fact that not all the enrolled learners are going to excel and eventually succeed in the academic sphere of life, other will be household names in the field of play. Therefore we saw it as of crucial importance for us help nurture and harness their potential as early as now. Remember, the next best time to plant a tree is today.
3. Moerelig Combined near Arnott was CSI encompasses projects that are external to the normal business activities of a company
and not directly for purposes of increasing company profit. These projects have a strong developmental approach and utilize company resources to benefit and uplift communities and are not primarily driven as marketing initiatives a dilapidated school before we made a decisive intervention to restore the dignity of the learners, educators and the surrounding community by renovating the school almost back to its original form. Broken doors and windows were replaced ,paint works, door locks which were no longer fully functional were replaced, the roof was redone to prevent further licking during rainy seasons and in
the process, saved valuable teaching and learning time.
4. On the welfare front, a needy Nagakamoka Child Care Centre received a massive revamp ranging from the installation of jojo-tanks to fixing of latrinefacilities and a revived food garden which serves as a major source of food for the children kept there. A new kitchen and food storage facility now exist for all to see.
5. The Traditional Authority of Kwa-Fene under the King Mabhoko of Amandebele ka Ndzundza is also another beneficiary on
the social front. They were presented with exquisite furniture valued at nearly a million rand. This for the use in the tribal kraal
for various offices and boardrooms. The dignity of this traditional authority has been restored greatly with this kind of a gesture.
6. Ndlelehle Youth Advisory Centre in Kwaggafontein is a proud recipient of a brand new set of computers and associated furniture. These necessities were donated for purposes of improving the services rendered by these young people, a long held dream of having a state of the art computer.


Mmadiago receives a face lift

Mmadiago1Mmadiago is a registered non-profit organisation that began in 2006. The centre accommodates more than 40 orphans and vulnerable children within the community, and the numbers increase daily. The orphanage survives through contributions from community members.
The centre was identified and visited to assess its conditions, and Clyde Bergemann, a Kusile contractor, assisted by renovating the centre and supplying essential furniture to the value of R 30 000.

Contractor Involved: Clyde Bergamann
Cost Implications: R30 000.00
Beneficiaries: Forty orphans and vulnerable children


 Thembalethu Disabled Children’s Centre in WitbankSinqobile Disabled Children’s Centre

Sinqobile Disabled Children’s Centre in Delmas currently takes care of 33 learners in total. The centre has just been moved to new premises that were sponsored for them; however, they also required basic day care resources to teach the learners.

Clyde Bergaman purchased the following for the centre:
• Chairs and tables
• Educational toys
• Stimulation toys
• Stationery for the learners
• Playground swings and soccer balls

 Contractor involved: Clyde Bergaman
Cost implications: Donation of R36 000.00
Beneficiation: Needy children with special needs


Thembalethu Disabled Children’s Centre in Witbank2Thembalethu Disabled Children’s Centre in Witbank

Thembalethu Disabled Children’s Centre is based in Witbank. A need was identified to purchase stimulation toys for the learners. Most of the learners cannot move on their own; therefore, musical
toys would be appropriate for them. Only toys were delivered at this centre.

Contractor involved: Binnington Copeland
Cost implications: R46 000.00
Beneficiation: Needy children with special needs


Siphosenkosi Home for the disabledSiphosenkosi Home for the disabled

Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Africa supplied new beds, painted the inside walls of the centre, and provided other essential necessities to the centre on Mandela Day this year.

Contractor Involved: Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Africa
Cost Implications: R50 000.00
Beneficiaries: Thirty two children with disabilities